Make Brushing Count! General Dentistry in San Jose

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Our patients at Wes Yemoto Esthetic Dentistry in San Jose schedule appointments for lots of reasons. They may need their six month checkup or a cavity filled; they may just need a cleaning. Most really want to know if they are brushing their teeth correctly. These are all functions of general dentistry.

Having patients come for treatment and leave with questions answered – from which toothpaste to use, to proper tools and techniques – is our business. At Wes Yemoto Esthetic Dentistry, we’re all about educating our patients.

1 Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Gentle brushing will obtain the best results. In fact, we recommend against hard or medium bristle toothbrushes, which can damage your gums. For best results, wet your soft bristle toothbrush to be sure the bristles are pliable before brushing.

2 Minutes of Brushing and Flossing

Split the mouth into fourths and spend a good 30 seconds in each quarter. Hit the chewing surfaces, the inside surfaces, the outside surfaces, and gently massage the gums. Be sure to pay attention to the far side of the back tooth that is never visible but can collect food and allow tooth decay to begin.

Take two minutes to floss after brushing in the evening to remove any remnants and to clean any build-up. You have approximately 32 teeth and 32 gaps to floss clean. Two minutes should do the trick, but adding an extra minute for good measure can’t hurt.

3 Times a Day

Brushing after every meal should be the goal. This is difficult for many who are not home for the midday meal. To achieve amazing dental hygiene, brushing is priority one.

There are as many toothpaste choices as there are teeth. Toothpaste acts as the vehicle that collects the debris, keeps the bristles pliable, fluoridates the mouth, freshens the breath, and a myriad of other side jobs. Even if you don’t use toothpaste after lunch, a quick brush can keep your teeth free of buildup.

At Wes Yemoto Esthetic Dentistry, we understand that nature has provided few of us with perfect teeth. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Yemoto, you will be advised on ways to improve your smile.

We provide our patients with general and cosmetic dentistry, prepless veneers,  teeth whitening, and much more. If you’re in San Jose or the surrounding area, call today to schedule an appointment.

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Whitening For 3 Types Of Tooth Stains

San Jose Teeth Bleaching

Hello San Jose! If your smile could use some brightening, what are you waiting for? Professional teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are the easiest ways Los Gatos residents can dramatically improve their appearance.

It is important to realize that not every San Jose smile responds the same to teeth bleaching. The degree of whiteness attained and the treatment time necessary depends on the type of stains being treated.

1. Surface or extrinsic stains are the most accessible and easiest to remove. They are caused by the usual suspects: coffee, tea, wine, cola, smoking and the natural aging process.

2. Intrinsic stains can be lightened but it may take a bit longer. These stains form from the inside out but are visible through the enamel. They can be caused by trauma, tetracycline antibiotics, infection, or excessive fluoride use in childhood before the enamel is fully formed.

3. Combination: Some San Jose dental patients have both extrinsic and intrinsic staining. As we age, our teeth change – regardless of how well we take care of them. Two things that work against us is that our enamel thins while the dentin underneath fades and yellows. Again, the extrinsic stains on the enamel are the quickest to lighten, but ongoing treatment with a peroxide-based penetrating whitener can lighten the deeper discoloration.

It is best to trust fast teeth whitening treatment to the care of an experienced dentist such as Wes Yemoto of Wes Yemoto Esthetic Dentistry in San Jose. Wes Yemoto and the experienced team of dental professionals at Wes Yemoto Esthetic Dentistry have been brightening smiles since 1980. We also offer sleep apnea/snoring, general dentistry, dental implants and prepless veneers.

Upgrade your face value by brightening your smile!


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Affordable Teeth Whitening In San Jose?

Affordable San Jose Tooth Whitening If you are like most San Jose web users, you have probably seen the multitude of ads for ‘free teeth whitening kits’.

Some show a ‘real Los Gatos mom’ who discovered a ‘tooth whitening secret’. Others assure you that their system is the one that ‘Cupertino dentists don’t want you to know about’. Many contain a link to a page that contains a convincing Campbell tooth whitening testimonial. They bolster their legitimacy by aligning themselves with respected companies such as CNN, USA Today and Forbes.

Unfortunately, most of these are rip-offs. In a recent article, the Better Business Bureau explains the scam:

The countless Web sites for various teeth whitening products claim to offer a no-risk, money back guarantee, free trial of the product. To sign up, customers must provide a credit or debit card number to cover shipping. Complainants to BBB state that they are billed before their trial ends and continue to be billed after they have told the company they want to cancel.

Complainants also may find mystery charges for other companies and services that they didn’t realize they were signing up for with their ‘free’ trial.

The BBB has received complaints about the following company/product names:

  • Dazzle White
  • White Smile
  • Teeth Smile
  • Dazzle Smile
  • Ivory White
  • Max White
  • My Whitening
  • Gleaming White Smile
  • Advanced Wellness Research

Don’t trust your smile to an internet scammer. Your San Jose tooth whitening dental office is the only place for safe teeth bleaching. You don’t want to take a chance with your credit card number or your tooth enamel! Call us at Wes Yemoto Esthetic Dentistry for advanced cosmetic dentistry and worry-free tooth whitening. You can reach us at 669-255-2764


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