Are You Flossing Out Of Fear?

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Most people know that flossing is an important part of oral health. The value of this simple yet critical exercise in oral hygiene has been shown time and time again. But does fear have to play a role in San Jose’s commitment to the practice?

Flossing offers a chance to remove bits and pieces that a toothbrush will undoubtedly miss. But, being afraid of the ‘cavity bugs,’ ‘mouth germies,’ or the ‘dental bogeyman’ may still not compel folks to floss regularly. The fear of gingivitis and gum disease or crowns and fillings from cavities work for a week or so after a cleaning, but may not instill a lasting habit between teeth cleanings.

At Wesley P. Yemoto DDS, we encourage our dental patients to look at flossing as an opportunity to start fresh just as showering and dressing for the day is a positive way to increase motivation and initiate flossing into your established routine. Flossing can be a positive opportunity to remind yourself to smile and feel happy as you approach your day.

It doesn’t have to be about fear! Call us at 669-255-2764. The experienced dental staff at Wesley P. Yemoto DDS knows that flossing can be a concern for their San Jose dental patients and a brightened patient is always better than a frightened one. At Wesley P. Yemoto DDS, we offer many ways to enhance your smile and self-confidence. Make a cosmetic dental appointment today to consider whether sleep apnea/snoring can lighten your look, general dentistry can influence your flair, and prepless veneers or dental implants can ease your anxiety. We aim to make it an exceptional experience!


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Wesley P. Yemoto DDS Sealants Prevent Cavities For San Jose Kids

Wesley P. Yemoto DDS Sealants Prevent Cavities For San Jose Kids Your child’s first dental exam at Wesley P. Yemoto DDS should occur when the first teeth are in, usually between six months and one year of age. During your child’s first check-up at our San Jose office, we can discuss sealants, a clear layer of plastic applied to the grooved surfaces of the teeth.

Sealants protect the teeth and prevent cavities by filling in the crevasses where food particles can get caught and breed dangerous bacteria They are especially effective in the back teeth where most cavities occur.

The application process takes only one short visit at Wesley P. Yemoto DDS. The teeth are cleaned, dried, and then liquid sealant is applied to teeth and hardened: it’s quick and painless. Your child will be able to eat right after the appointment.

Sealants are covered by most California dental insurance plans. For San Jose parents who pay out-of-pocket, sealants are still cost-effective considering the cavities and future visits that can be avoided. Some California dental insurance plans have age limitations for sealants. Check your policy if you are unsure of the qualifications. Wesley P. Yemoto DDS commonly recommends having sealants applied as early as possible.

If properly cared for, Wesley P. Yemoto DDS sealants can last for many years, protecting your child during the most cavity-prone ages.

Diligent oral hygiene and refraining from biting into hard objects are essential and will help the sealants last longer. Wes Yemoto will check the sealants during routine dental visits and recommend re-application or repair if needed.

Sealants, brushing and flossing, a balanced diet, and twice-yearly Wesley P. Yemoto DDS dental visits are critical for pediatric dental health. For more specifics about sealants, contact Wesley P. Yemoto DDS today.

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Those Baby Teeth Are A Big Deal

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Today’s San Jose children’s dental blog focuses on the issue of caring for baby teeth. Why would you take care of something that’s just going to fall out and be given to the tooth fairy? It’s a good question and it has a even better answer.

Los Gatos, Cupertino, and Campbell parents shouldn’t feel like they are wasting their time because baby teeth are more important than many people might think. Baby teeth are needed to keep the proper amount of space available for the permanent teeth that will come in later.

Baby teeth are also invaluable in the development of clear speech. This is especially important for San Jose parents who are dying to know what their child means when they point to something repeatedly and say ‘scklash’ or ‘grag-grag’.

Having healthy baby teeth will also help your child develop a healthy diet because difficulty chewing can lead to the rejection of many different foods.


And, finally, tooth decay and infection can be passed down from baby teeth to permanent teeth as they develop below them. That’s not what you want for the teeth that San Jose kids are going to have for the rest of their lives. You may be setting them up to need cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and dental implants.

Hi. I’m Doctor Wes Yemoto, an experienced, kid-friendly San Jose dentist.
I want my patients to have the best oral health possible. I also want them to look their best, so if you have any questions about a smile makeover or teeth whitening, give us a call at 669-255-2764.

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