General Dentistry

Teeth Cleaning And Dental Fillings For San Jose

get a teeth cleaning in San Jose and Los GatosWe offer all of the services you and your loved ones need to enjoy a supremely healthy smile. Our San Jose dentist and his team can take care of all of your family members in one convenient location. We schedule family appointments with your convenience in mind.

Tooth Colored Resin Dental Fillings

Tooth decay poses a problem for the majority of adult patients. Dr. Yemoto can stop dental decay before it leads to infection or tooth loss by filling it with a resin material. Our tooth-colored dental fillings will protect your teeth and your comfort while blending flawlessly with the remainder of your smile.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We use VELScope to perform oral cancer screenings that will detect abnormalities at their earliest stage. You can protect your health and the health of your loved ones by participating in an annual oral cancer screening.

General Dentistry Preventative Care

We believe the best way to treat dental issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Our preventative care, including teeth cleanings, will keep your smile healthy and decrease your need for dental fillings and other restorative procedures.


If your mouth is threatened by crowded teeth or the possibility of infection, a tooth extraction could save your smile. Our experienced San Jose team knows how to make their patients feel comfortable during a tooth extraction. With the latest dental knowledge and technology, we will restore your mouth to full health after a quick and easy extraction.

Air Abrasion Preparation

visit our general dentistry for dental fillings in San Jose and CupertinoWe utilize air abrasion preparation for cavity fillings because it eliminates the need for the dreaded dental drill. If the drill makes you or a loved one nervous, prepare to be relaxed with air abrasion preparation. Air abrasion does the same great work that a drill does but in a quieter and gentler fashion.

Teeth Cleaning and Exam

Frequent teeth cleaning treatments and exams at our San Jose dentist office will fortify your teeth against decay and gum disease. It is crucial to detect signs of caries, gum disease, and oral cancer early for more successful treatment. See Dr. Yemoto at least twice yearly to ensure that you are maintaining top-notch oral health.


Sealants are a preventative measure that will protect the teeth of children and even adults from tooth decay. Sealants are made of a plastic material that will seal bad bacteria out of the grooves and pockets of your teeth, keeping you safe from a future toothache and dental work.

We know how to keep our patients happy and healthy with our general dentistry care. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment if you are in the San Jose area, including Cupertino and Los Gatos!

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