Gum Disease Treatment

Prevent Periodontal Disease In San Jose

get gum disease treatment Cupertino and Los GatosAlmost 50% of Americans are suffering from gum disease, whether they know it or not. Gum disease or periodontal disease can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, and serious infection. Now with treatments like Laser Gum Disease Treatment, modular therapy, OralDNA, and Water-Pik therapy from Dr. Yemoto, there’s no reason not to have your periodontal disease treated!


OralDNA allows our San Jose dentist to diagnose your level of periodontal disease with even greater accuracy and attention to detail. With the results we receive from your OralDNA tests, we can prescribe the perfect gum disease treatment.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

We are determined to make sure our patients receive the most comfortable and most efficient gum disease treatments available. When it comes to treating gum disease, we are proud to offer laser gum disease treatment.

Dr. Yemoto and his San Jose dentist team members provide cutting edge technology like Laser Gum Disease Treatment and Waterlase Lasers Treatments for their patients’ benefit.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment is the most advanced way to treat periodontal disease. If you are suffering from the swollen and bleeding gums that come with gum disease, there’s no need to undergo a scary or lengthy treatment. Laser Gum Disease Treatment makes treating gum disease less painful and more efficient than ever before.

For Laser Gum Disease Treatment, Dr. Yemoto utilizes the PerioLase MVP-7 laser to remove the harmful bacteria from the gums. The laser will eliminate the bacteria while promoting the growth of new cells. This results in minimal bleeding and remarkably rapid healing!

WaterLase Laser Treatments or Water-Pik Therapy

prevent periodontal disease San Jose and Los GatosIn addition to Laser Gum Therapy, Dr. Yemoto also provides WaterLase Laser Treatments or Water-Pik Therapy. The WaterLase laser is the only laser on the market that is FDA-approved because of its high level of safety and effectiveness.

Modular Gum Therapy

“Modular Gum Therapy” is an interactive, non-surgical approach to treating gum infection (Periodontal Disease). Three different modalities are used to control the bacteria causing your infection. Bacterial film and deposits are first gently scrubbed from your teeth as well as all root surfaces. Next, a germicidal liquid is used to kill bacteria by irrigating the infected gum tissue. This is the interactive part. You will be asked, and instructed to use the same bacteria-killing liquid at home for a short period of time. Since bacteria not only live on the surfaces of teeth but also in the tissue next to your teeth, an antibiotic specific to the bad bacteria causing your infection may be used. The particular antibiotic used will be based on bacterial testing from infected sites in your mouth.

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