What Holistic Dentistry Means to Us

Dr. Wesley Yemoto has always believed that the mouth and one’s oral health is an integral part of your overall health. He is an advocate for heart attack and stroke prevention by taking a holistic approach to dental health. Some of the techniques Dr. Yemoto and his team use include:

  • DNA testing using a patient’s saliva to determine the likelihood and risk a patient has of developing periodontal disease. This test can also show the presence of periodontal disease before symptoms are even visible.

  • Rubber dam placement when removing old mercury amalgam (silver) fillings to reduce exposure to the trace mercury and metal during the procedure.

  • Dental ozone therapy which uses the amazing antimicrobial properties of ozone gas to kill traces of existing bacteria and remineralize existing tooth structure. The “rebuilt” tooth structure is more resistant to decay than the original tooth structure.

As a member of the Wellness Dentistry Network, Dr. Yemoto is part of a group of dentists who work with their patients’ physicians for optimal wellness including heart attack and stroke prevention using the Bale Doneen Method. This approach to wellness helps patients reach their health goals while receiving advanced dental care that is conservative and safe.