Pinhole Surgical Technique

Dr. Yemoto Provides the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for Patients with Gum Recession in

get receding gums treatment using pinhole surgical technique from our San Jose dentist

Healthy gums play a critical role in your oral health and your self-esteem. If you are experiencing gum recession, it is important to correct the problem right away. When gums pull back, they expose the roots of the teeth, causing sensitivity and vulnerability to decay.

Receding gums also cause the sufferer to appear older. Individuals with gum recession may not want to share their smiles as often. Dr. Yemoto’s advanced surgical approach can quickly improve the look and feel of your smile.

Traditional gum recession treatment involves cutting, grafting, and sutures. The process can take up to several weeks.

Dr. Wes Yemoto, San Jose dentist, uses the breakthrough Pinhole® Surgical Technique which allows for a scalpel-free, suture-free gum recession reversal.

Receding Gums Treatment in San Jose

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique allows Dr. Yemoto to treat up to 14 teeth at one time. The procedure is completed with a local anesthetic so that you won’t experience any discomfort or pain.

The procedure is finished within a few hours, and no incisions, grafts, or stitches are used. Because of the noninvasive nature of the procedure, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms. Patients often instantly notice a cosmetic improvement, and can return to their normal activities by the next day.

How Does it Work?

  1. Dr. Yemoto will clean and prepare the teeth. He will numb the gums with a local anesthetic.
  2. Your dentist will make a pinhole-sized entry point in the gums. He will place a special dental tool through this point and begin to reposition the outer layer of the gums.
  3. Dr. Yemoto will guide the gum tissue into its proper position to restore your healthy gum line. He will add collagen strips to the area to promote fast healing.

Benefits of the Pinhole® Surgical Technique

  • Skip the scalpels, incisions, and sutures
  • Complete your entire treatment in a few short hours
  • Enjoy fast recovery with minimal symptoms
  • Protect your tooth roots to promote a smile free from pain and decay
  • Natural-looking results that will help you feel confident in your smile again

We can help you learn more about your receding gums treatment options. Call our office to schedule your complimentary consultation with San Jose dentist, Dr. Wes Yemoto, today.

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