Restorative Dentistry

Great Solutions In San Jose For Missing Teeth

dentures for missing teeth San Jose dentist Cupertino CADental decay and trauma can quickly wreak havoc on your smile. These dental problems are common, so we provide simple solutions here at our San Jose dentist office. Restorative dentistry techniques can be used to repair broken teeth, chips, cracks, discoloration, decay, or gaps in your smile.

Our San Jose dentist and his team fashion unique composite fillings, dentures, crowns, and bridges to complement your one-of-a-kind smile. Restorative dentistry can replace missing teeth or revitalize damaged teeth. No matter which restoration you choose, your new tooth will be resilient and realistic.

Restorative Dentistry in San Jose

Some of the restorative dentistry services we incorporate into our San Jose practice include:

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are durable tooth-shaped caps. They cover teeth that are weak or unsightly due to decay or trauma. Your dental crown will increase the function and enhance the aesthetic of the damaged tooth.

Dental Bridges

Dr. Yemoto frequently uses reliable dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are a restorative dentistry device held in place by two dental crowns. Dental bridges will prevent your smile from shifting and will make it easier to chew and speak again.


restorative dentistry for missing teeth San Jose and Los GatosRegain your confidence with beautiful dentures! Our dentures are modern and easy to wear. Custom-fit dentures are a top-tier solution to replace many missing teeth. They can even replace a full arch.

Dental Implants

Patients love the function and feel of dental implants for missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium rods that work like tooth roots in the jawbone. Restorations like dental crowns, dentures, or dental bridges will attach to the implants to replace missing teeth.

No matter what dental issue you are facing, our state-of-the-art restorative dentistry procedures can help. Call us today to set up your consultation. Our San Jose dentist would love to sit down with you and help you devise a treatment plan if you are in San Jose or near Cupertino and Los Gatos.

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