Patient Reviews

Dr. Yemoto is the best! My kids are the third generation of family members to be under his care.  He is never in a hurry, truly takes care of his patients and even fixes broken crowns on a holiday!  His staff has been with him for as long as I can remember.  Everyone in his office is a pleasure to work with.

– Jen H. San Jose, CA on YELP

Imagine, a 5 year old Asian girl running through a dental office screaming bloody murder as her dentist is holding that huge Novacaine shot in his hand (does anyone even pay attention to the length of that darn needle??). Her older brother and mother begin chasing her around the office trying to catch her, eventually pinning her down to the dental chair and forcing her mouth open to allow for the dentist to give her a shot to yank out her two front teeth because her mutant like baby teeth apparently had large roots and did not “fall out” on their own and instead began to rot.

Yes, it was me, and it was truly traumatizing… (tear drop). I am not joking about the visual either. It really happened that way!

So, here I am, 25 years later and I have become better at taking care of my teeth to avoid shots, and very picky about the kind of dentist I go to. Truly, some dentists are more gentle and less abrupt when giving shots and doing dental work. A good dentist can make you barely notice that they are giving you a shot. That is the kind of dentist that Dr. Yemoto is. His staff and office are friendly and inviting and they give you a flower at the end of your appt!

Lastly, Dr. Yemoto is a humanitarian (a few days out of the year, they provide FREE dental work to children that do not have the means to afford quality dental care) and he takes his staff on a nice vacation trip every year. Trust me, his staff stick around because he treats them well. My hygenist is Joan and she is a very sweet lady also!

– Anna L. La Mirada, CA on YELP


I’ve been going to Dr. Yemoto for over 15 years! He is the best! Dr. Yemoto is not your stereotypical dentist who you’re afraid to see every six months. Dr Yemoto is very professional, gentle, friendly, and thorough. He even checks your mouth and neck area for issues.

His entire staff is super nice and friendly. I’ve known Robin, the Scheduling Coordinator, for as long as I can remember. She’s always smiling and acknowledges you by first name the second you walk in the door. “Don’t forget to take a flower!”, she’ll always say as you walk out. They always seem to have fresh flowers in a vase for you to take home (one of course).

Joan is my hygienist. I’ve been going to her for several years now after Debbie retired. (Debbie was great too!) Joan is very thorough and explains every step to you. She’s always got a smile on her face and makes you feel at home.

If you are looking for a great dentist, I highly recommended Dr. Wesley Yemoto + staff.

– Tim Y. Silicon Valley on YELP

I love this man!  Dr. Yemoto is a sweet, kind person who genuinely has his patients needs and best interests at heart.

I started going to him a few years ago and couldn’t be happier.  He goes the extra mile on things you would never think of (ie… he moistens the gauze before putting in your mouth, and applies some lip balm after your exam when your lips get dry).  These little “extras” make a HUGE difference.  His office is nice, too!

The staff is amazing.  All of them are so nice and helpful.  It really makes for the most positive of dental experiences.  They even give you a pencil and a flower when you leave

– Tristyn B on YELP


Everyone in the office always does a great job!  Everyone works hard to create a very good atmosphere and everybody is extremely pleasant. Dr. Yemoto always shows a lot of interest in his patients and is an all-around nice guy.  He makes all procedures relatively painless and does excellent dentistry work.  I highly recommend Dr. Yemoto and his practice.


Dr. Yemoto is the best dentist my family has ever gone to.  The most gentle and caring man.  Had a cavity filled yesterday.  If it weren’t for the power tools I would have slept through it.  Thank you Dr. Yemoto!  You are the best!


Dr. Yemoto and his staff are wonderful.  Our whole family sees them.


Dr. Yemoto and his staff are wonderful!  They provide excellent skills combined with such tender, individual care that you will not find in other offices.  Where else would you find such excellent dentistry, combined with warm blankets, aromatherapy, and contests with amazing prizes if you win!  I highly recommend Dr. Yemoto and all of his staff.


As always I’m very impressed with the level of service I receive.  The atmosphere in the office is very pleasant. I actually enjoy my dental visits!  Keep up the great work!  Happy New Year!

– Danielle Metz on RATEADENTIST.COM

You are the best!  I always feel confident in recommending you to friends and family.  Thanks for getting me in today!


True professionals.  The whole staff is very friendly and efficient.  Always put the patient first.  I lost a crown on the Friday before Labor Day and just happen to catch Dr. Yemoto on his way out for the weekend.  He delayed his trip to meet me at the office to re-cement my tooth at no charge! (This was a tooth done by a different dentist many years before.)  They do quality work and they don’t try to “sell” you unnecessary services.  My family has been patients of Dr. Yemoto for many years, and highly recommend him and his staff.


How great to have Kimberly back!  As always, a great experience.


Dr. Yemoto’s office is always a friendly, cheerful place.  My son sat totally relaxed throughout the cleaning, as he always does because the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing.  Everyone tries hard to make the experience as stress-free as possible, and I am always confident in the high-quality care provided.  I grew up dreading the dentist because it was such an unpleasant experience, and I did not want my son to have such negative experiences.  And now, even I like going to the dentist.


I bit down hard on my back molar and it started to hurt really bad.  The next two days was still the same. I made an emergency apt and they were able to see me the same day or the next day.  Every dentist apt that I’ve had with Dr. Wesley, the staff in the office, is WONDERFUL and very helpful.  I am always pleased with every office visit that I have.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wesley at 4860 Cherry Ave, San Jose to everyone that is looking for an awesome dentist to go to.


Always a pleasant experience with the experienced staff!


Everyone was friendly and inviting, from the front office staff to the hygienist; the appointment started on time; the hygienist did a great job of ensuring my comfort, and I was in and out in a reasonable amount of time (less than an hour).  It was just as any visit to a dentist (or doctor) should be.


Dear Dr. Wes and staff, excellent now and for 27 years!  Love going to the dentist!


I have gone to Dr. Yemoto for almost 40 years and he and his office staff are very professional and excellent practitioners.  I would highly recommend Dr. Yemoto.


My appointments are always done in a professional manner with a minimum of discomfort!