Tooth Replacement in San Jose, CA 95118

A tooth replacement procedure is performed to restore a missing tooth. There are several options available for tooth replacement, and the best choice will depend on factors such as the missing tooth's location and the patient's preference. At Wesley Yemoto DDS, our dentist can carefully assess your oral health and preferences to determine which solution is right for you.

Why Do People Lose Teeth?

Many things can cause people to lose their permanent adult teeth, but the two main reasons are trauma and tooth decay. Cavities occur when bacteria in the mouth form plaque that eats away at the tooth's enamel. Without treatment, cavities can cause severe damage. On the other hand, trauma to a tooth can occur when a person falls and hits their mouth or loses a tooth during sporting events that involve physical contact. Teeth are meant to be permanent, so once they are lost, they must be replaced to avoid other oral health complications.

When a tooth is lost, the  jaw bone where the tooth root used to be no longer receives force from the tooth, making it deteriorate. The jaw starts to shrink, causing a sunken appearance in the face. This poor appearance of the face is an embarrassment for many people and can negatively affect self-confidence. Furthermore, missing molars can shift other teeth and cause crooked smiles if left untreated. Replacing a lost tooth can help prevent these consequences from occurring.

Teeth Replacement Options

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a prosthetic device cemented over a tooth to restore its function and shape. It can be used to protect a weak or damaged tooth from damage due to bruxism or other habits, cover a tooth with untreatable discoloration, and hold together a tooth after it has been restored with a filling. 


Wearing dentures can help replace missing teeth and fill in the gaps in your smile. These prosthetics have special attachments that can be placed over the natural teeth to support the denture, preventing any slipping or movement of the false teeth around the mouth. When worn correctly, dentures can function just like natural teeth. 


A bridge is a prosthetic tooth that replaces one or more missing teeth. The bridge is custom-fabricated for your mouth and bonded permanently to the adjacent teeth for support. Once the bridge is inserted, you can chew and speak normally again and improve your appearance.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium posts inserted into a patient’s jawbone where teeth are missing. Each implant is fitted with a dental crown, filling the gap in the patient’s smile.


Several tooth replacement options are available to patients. For the best dental care, contact Wesley Yemoto DDS at 4860 Cherry Ave # F, San Jose, CA 95118, or call (408) 266-9957.